The perfect extension for Scratch.

About ScratchTools

ScratchTools is a community-built Chrome and Firefox extension made for Scratch. It makes Scratching easier, through dozens of edits to the Scratch UI to make Scratch better than ever. Our group of developers, artists, brainstormers, beta testers, and press release managers all come from Scratch.


Here are some of the features that it includes.

Show if User is Online

On profile pages, displays if a user is online. This will also let other users see if you are online.

Display Names

Shows display names for Scratchers, and allows you to set your own display name. Display names show next to your username, and aren't limited like usernames are.

Emoji Statuses

Set the status on your profile to an emoji. Other ScratchTools users will be able to see this status.


Enjoy ScratchTools in your own browser!

ScratchTools is available on Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge!